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About Lester's Riding School

Trained by Andrew from Andrew’s Driving School, an instructor with an impeccable reputation and over 30 years experience teaching motorcycles, cars and trucks.
I originally started as a sub-contractor to Andrew’s, a position I stayed in until 2013 when I bought the bikes from Andrew and started trading as Lester’s Riding School,
effectively trading as my own business rather than sub-contracting. So today, I still have a close relationship with Andrew and continue to work from Andrew’s Driving School,
but as my own business. I am one of the most experienced instructors in the area.

I have over 25 years riding experience, having ridden pretty much every type of bike out there, and having owned various bikes over the years. I was also a postie for a few years.
All this has provided me with a very varied and extensive riding experience that I draw from everyday and pass on to my students.

My two passions in life are riding motorbikes and teaching people. I have always loved showing people how to do new things. I get a lot of satisfaction watching those skills grow and
develop. It’s a very cool thing to be a part of. I am very passionate about making sure my students have the skills required to pass the test, but much more importantly to stay alive and
safe on the road. My aim is to change the way they think about being on the road, to be constantly assessing dangers and managing risks to make riding much more enjoyable and safe.

My instructing style has always been to teach you why you are doing something rather than just say do this or do that.


$75 per hour for both
R-E and R


R-E Honda CB-125E
Yamaha Scorpio
R Honda NC700-SA

Tests & Lessons

Department of Transport Certified
Willagee specialist, locally based for over 10 years, I know the area and the Assessors at Willagee Licensing Centre.

Tests can sometimes be hard to get,
sometimes the earliest test you can get is
months away. You have to be constantly
checking to try to get an earlier test. We take
care of that hassle for you. Lester’s Riding School
will get you a test booking when you are ready, at
a time convenient to you. No waiting months or
constantly sitting on the computer trying to get
an earlier booking. We will do all of that for you.
It’s part of the service.
Lessons are tailored to suit each
individual. As everybody learns things
differently, teaching methods need to
be flexible to change as required to suit
the situation. There is no minimum number
of lessons required only a standard (set by
the Department of Transport) that students
must ride to. Once a student is at the required
standard we will sit down with you and
organise a test for you. This is where having
some one local who knows what the Assessors